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GPS+M Quartet
L-R: Jim Plank, Justin Grinnell, Tripp Sprague, Duncan Moore
Handlery Hotel, San Diego - July 21, 2017

San Diego Bass Fest 2017 Faculty
L-R: Justin Grinnell, Jeremy Kurtz, PJ Cinque, Jory Herman, Sayuri Yamamoto, Mark Dresser
San Diego State University, San Diego - June 23, 2017

Peter Sprague Group "Plays the Music of Stevie Wonder"
L-R: Peter Sprague, Tripp Sprague, Gillian Margot, Leonard Patton, Justin Grinnell, Geoffrey Keezer
Off Broadway Live, Santee - Apr 27, 2017

9th Annual Brasil Jazz Festa
L-R: Danny Green, Lori Bell, Justin Grinnell, Allison Adams Tucker,
Julien Cantelm, Bruno Moreira, Mark Lamson
Dizzy's, San Diego - Feb 19, 2017

Danny Green Trio
L-R: Justin Grinnell, Danny Green, Julien Cantelm
Village Jazz Series, Yuma Palms Regional Center, Yuma, AZ - Feb 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Tribute to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
L-R: Ed Kornhauser, Gillian Margot, Duncan Moore,
Leonard Patton, Justin Grinnell, Curtis Taylor
Dizzy's, San Diego - Feb 14, 2017

GPS&M Quartet
L-R: Duncan Moore, Tripp Sprague, Justin Grinnell, Jim Plank
Jazz Happy Hour, Handlery Hotel, San Diego - Dec 23, 2016

Danny Green Trio Plus Anton Schwartz
L-R: Danny Green, Justin Grinnell, Anton Schwartz, Julien Cantelm
KNKX 88.5, Seattle, WA - Oct 7, 2016

GPS&M Quartet
L-R: Justin Grinnell, Jim Plank, Tripp Sprague, Duncan Moore
Grossmont College, El Cajon - Sep 18, 2016

Danny Green Trio - Danny Green, Justin Grinnell, Julien Cantelm
The Danny Green Trio's After the Calm wins 2015 San Diego Music Award for "Best Jazz Album!"
Humphreys, San Diego - Oct 06, 2015

Justin Grinnell, Gilbert Castellanos, Bijon Watson, Robert Dove
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego - Sep 25, 2015
Photo by Manuel Cruces Camberos

Jonathan Karrant Trio - Jonathan Karrant, Josh Nelson, Justin Grinnell
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego - Aug 22, 2015

Justin Grinnell Trio - Duncan Moore, Justin Grinnell, Bob Boss
The Handlery Hotel, San Diego - Aug 21, 2015

Danny Green Trio - Julien Cantelm, Justin Grinnell, Danny Green
Red Poppy Arthouse, San Francisco - Aug 07, 2015

> > > Danny Green Trio: "After the Calm" by Robert Bush, NBC 7 San Diego - Dec 03, 2014
  • [The Danny Green Trio] ... represents one of the tightest groups in local [San Diego] jazz history.
  • "In a Dreamy State" ... sings upon the groaning upright of Grinnell, whose aesthetic on the acoustic instrument seems diametrically opposed to his busy work on the electric. Here, Grinnell gives each note its due, with sonically glorious results.
  • [In] "Another One for You" ... it is Grinnell's grainy double-bass lyricism that lingers in the ear.
  • These guys are extremely tight, and any fans of Chick Corea's work -- or Brazilian music in general -- are sure to enjoy "After the Calm."

> > > Top 10 SD Jazz Releases of 2013 by Robert Bush, NBC 7 San Diego - Jan 04, 2014
  • Grinnell is one of the finest bassists in San Diego. Hes got a great sound, time and ideas on the upright, and hes absolutely amazing on the electric, an instrument Im not especially fond of. Fronting a quartet featuring saxophonist Robby Marshall, pianist Josh Nelson and drummer Dan Schnelle, this album [Without You] is filled with superb mainstream jazz.

> > > Double Trios at Dizzy's by Robert Bush, San Diego Reader - Aug 25, 2013
  • Grinnell is a superb bassist with strong, logical lines and a woody sound, and he propelled the Tordella original, "Liam's Song," with a combination of walking lines and pedaled suspensions ...

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